Sunday, 23 December 2018

Decisions of the 9th All India Conference, held at Mysuru :

1) All preparations should be made for making the 2 day General Strike on 8th and 9th January, 2019 successful. Efforts should be made for conducting a joint campaign with other organisations participating in the strike.

 2) The Union should seriously intervene to settle the problems of the contract and casual workers. Implementation of Minimum Wage as per the orders of the Corporate Office, implementation of EPF and ESI schemes, retrenchment of workers as per Corporate Office directive, victimisations of leading functionaries of BSNLCCWF, revision of wages of TSMs and casual labourers as per 7th CPC pay scale and regularisation of the left out casual labourers are the important issues, on which BSNLEU should conduct movements, jointly with BSNLCCWF. 

3) The Union should seriously concentrate on the issue of BSNL’s financial revival. The AUAB has already given call for the “BSNL at your door steps” movement, which is aimed at boosting the sales and marketing of the company. BSNL is likely to get 4G spectrum soon and thereafter the company will launch it’s 4G service. Together with this, if the entire employees actively involve themselves in organising “BSNL at your doorstep” movement, it will be a big step towards the revival of the Company. BSNLEU should take the initiative for this.

 4) The All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB) has emerged as the united platform of the major organisations of the Non- Executives and Executives of BSNL. At the All India level, the AUAB has started functioning democratically. In the similar way, the functioning of the AUAB should be strengthened at circle and district levels.

5) The All India BSNL Working Womens’ Coordination Committee, (BSNL WWCC) which is a subcommittee of BSNLEU, is functioning at the All India Level. In some circles, the circle level committees are formed. Immediate steps should be taken to form this Committee in whichever circle it is not formed so far.

 6) The All India Convenor of the BSNL WWCC, shall be a permanent invitee to the Central Executive Committee meetings of BSNLEU. 

7) The All India Union has already conducted the All India Young Workers convention at Bhopal. In some other circles also, this convention has been conducted. The left out circles should also organise this convention, preferably by 31st March, 2019.

 8) Reviewing of the implementation of the decisions taken in the conferences and executive committees at different levels, is very important. With a view to ensure this, it is decided that a “Mid Term Review” of the works done should be conducted at the All India, circle and district levels.